2018 G-POWER Rule-English version


Our regulation for the 2018 G-Power Boat Race.

Rules are based on the US organizations NAMBA to Rule Book
However, the noise level requires 87 db or less at 15 meters behind in consideration of the Japanese environment.
Please attach the cowl for noise prevention.

The start clock uses into NAMBA adopted digital Audio clock.

SEP 8-9, 2018 entry-form

1) Heat course: Compete in a total of 1.6 km (1 mile) in 6 laps to compete for place
Typical example: Right and left turn: Diameter 23.04 m
A straight line 95.4 meters oval course is standard.

2) Engine class
This race up to G350(35cc) same class, because other country racers lot use.
I recommendation G260~300 for Heat racing of this oval course.
Fuel: Commercially available gasoline and oil that is generally sold.

3)Hull class
1) G-Sports Hydro,  2) G-CAT,  3) G-Mono,  4) G-Outrigger
Currently there are 4 types.

1 place 400 points, 2 place 300 points, 3 place 225 points, 4 place 169 points, 5 place 127 points,

6 place 96 points, 7 place 72 points, 8 place 54 points
Start 25 points, NO start 0 points.  Maximum of 8 boats available for boarding. but,6 boat  in best.
Compete at the total point of each round, the standard competes for 4 rounds.

You have to leave within 2 minutes of the engine start call

When all boats are out, 30 seconds countdown begins.

A countdown of 30 seconds is called, 25, 20, 15, 10, committed (5 seconds)
The buzzer beeps and this is the start signal.

It is declared as committed 5 seconds before the start, it can not change the lane (course)
Also, after this declaration the fact that it crossed the start line is certified as flying.

The standby course goes around the whole circumference or the center buoy and turns half a turn to put it in the course so as not to collide.

e-mail: rcboat007@yahoo.co.jp     name: Hiroyuki Okuma